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Only pay for vulnerabilities found!
Blackflag Security offers an innovative "Pay As You Go" security testing model, which combines the best parts of penetration testing with the best parts of bug bounties to deliver a uniquely valuable service. Rather than paying by the hour, regardless of whether any vulnerabilities are found, you only pay for the issues actually discovered. Unlike bug bounties, you get all of the safety of a known team, with experienced white-hat hackers, constant communication and standard safeguards, allowing you to test critical and internal systems, not only public websites.

Our Services

At Blackflag Security we have a range of expertise in testing different systems, from the latest in custom web applications, to complex firmware and hardware security. Areas that we are particularly specialised in include testing cutting edge web applications, RFID and physical access control, and custom electronic device security.
Our service offers unique value for money, because we only charge for actual vulnerabilities found, our incentives are to find as many vulnerabilities as possible, unlike traditional penetration testers, who often have the attitude of "I got a shell, now we can call it a day". You can set the time frame for testing and which systems are in scope, we'll find as many vulnerabilities as we can, and only bill you for what we find. As with traditional penetration tests, you'll a professional report, containing full details of the vulnerabilities, how to reproduce them, and recommendations on how they can be fixed.
We use a range of testing methods, including automated scans, manual testing and AI vulnerability discovery.


Unlike most companies, we only charge for what we actually discover. Rates are based on the vulnerability's risk:

Vulnerability Risk Payment (NZD) Definition
Low $299 Exploitable only under rare circumstances/Minor damage
Medium $999 Exploitable under possible circumstances/Moderate damage
High $1999 Exploitable under most circumstances/High damage

Risk ratings are based on the following clearly defined criteria:

A vulnerability is considered low risk if it can only be exploited under rare conditions, and/or the damage caused by an attacker exploiting the vulnerability would be minor. For example, using out of date software that is not exploitable in it's current configuration, but could become exploitable if configuration changed, is rated as low risk.

A vulnerability is considered medium risk if it can be exploited under possible conditions, and/or the damage caused by an attacker exploiting the vulnerability would be moderate. For example, if users are allowed to choose weak passwords, and no account lock out occurs when a brute force login attack is attempted, this is rated as medium risk.

A vulnerability is considered high risk if it can be exploited under most conditions, and/or the damage caused by an attacker exploiting the vulnerability would be significant. For example, cross site scripting that allows an attacker to take over a user's account is rated as high risk.

If your company has a limited budget, a maximum threshold can be set before testing starts, if the amount of vulnerabilities reaches this threshold, we will stop testing to avoid budget overruns.


We are a bespoke information security company from Wellington, New Zealand, offering services in New Zealand, Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. Blackflag Security was founded by William Turner, aka AmmonRa, well known within the information security community for his state of the art research and speaking at a number of security conferences, including Kiwicon, DEFCON, OzSecCon, WAHCKon and Unrest.
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